Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Bodypower Fitness Centre

Bodypower Fitness Centre (BPFC) are the first aerobic centre which provide complete and modern equipment for aerobic exercise purposes in Kelantan, Malaysia. With our tagline, "Keep Healthy, Keep Fit, Long Living", we strongly believe that by keeping healthy and fit, we can surely live longer.

BPFC Specialty:
1. Personal Lose Weight Training
2. Personal Rehabilitation Program

BPFC Classes:
1. Power Latino
2. Power Cardio & Muscle
3. Power Step
4. Power BellyBhangfit
5. Power Disco Dance
6. Power Kickboxing

BPFC Courses:
1. Aerobic Instructor Course
2. Power Latino Course
3. Step Aerobic Course
4. BellyBhangfit Course
5. Hip Hop Course
6. Music Choreoghraphy Course
7. Personal Training Course

BPFC Missions:
- To provide modern, convenient and customer-friendly aerobic and fitness centres
- To provide proper and correct aerobic workouts which are important in avoiding any unwanted injury at all times
- To provide international level aerobic courses, thus supplying qualified aerobic instructors to cater the market needs
- To educate the society about the importance of keep healthy, keep fit and long living and how to achieve it

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