Sunday, 2 December 2012

Klinik Pakar Mata dan Surgeri Rosli

Klinik Pakar Mata & Surgeri Rosli menawarkan perkhidmatan; 

- Pemeriksaan mata umum
- Pemeriksaan refraksi
- Pemeriksaan diabetic retinopathy
- Pembedahan katarak
- Pembedahan kelopak mata
- Pembedahan ptergium
- Rawatan amblyopia
- Rawatan glaukoma 

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan atau temujanji, sila hubungi Klinik Pakar Mata & Surgeri Rosli hari ini atau layari di sini

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1 comment:

  1. Good sharing. KPJ Pusat Pakar Mata Centre for Sight now available a type of Lasik call ReLEx SMILE. It will carve out a small piece of tissue called a lenticule in the cornea, which is removed through a small keyhole incision (about 2.5mm to 4mm). See a blog feedback at:


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