Tuesday, 14 August 2012

International Islamic Information And Dakwah Center (IIDAC)

International Islamic Information and Daawah Center ( IIDAC) has been established in 14th March 2002.The organization has been granted the approval by the State Islamic and Malay Customs Council and Kota Bharu Municipal Council.IIDAC, also locally known as ISLAMIC CONVERTS WELFARE SOCIETY of Kelantan Malaysia.

Islamic Converts Welfare Society is fully NGO, non political, non profit society, dedicated to the service of the poor Muslims, suffering and needy. Respected by the Government and their agencies through out Malaysia.

 The Centre operation is based on the donation from the public and dedicated Muslim Brothers since from the time the Centre was established. Located at Taman Hijau, off Jalan Sultana Zainab in Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

For more information about IIDAC, please click here, or visit our fanpage.

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