Sunday, 30 June 2013

Al Nusrat Sdn Bhd

Al Nusrat Sdn Bhd is a branch company under Lea Indah Enterprise. This company has already being in the market  for more than 5 years. Lea Indah Enterprise reinforces its position as a wholesaler for Kelang Valley area. Lea Indah acts as a wholesaler which imported products from neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Kashmir and China. Until today, Lea Indah has customers from all over the country to get products supplies at a very good quality and price.
Among the products offered by this company are:

Himalayan Salt Products  (lamps, table salt, salt for shower and feet)
 Textile products (Jubah, baju kurung, maxi, tudung, scarf, towel, sejadah, men and children wear)

- Wood products (carved verses of Al-Quran, rehal and others)
- Marble stone products (glass, jewelry and home decorations)
- Other products such as hot pillows, heel polisher and home decorations.
For more information about this wholesaler and retailer, please do not hesitate to call or click here!
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